Typically, an advance payment ranging from 50% is necessary, depending on the duration and extent of the work.

Interior wrapping offers a more economical choice compared to complete surface replacements such as countertops, cabinets, doors, or furniture. It facilitates a swift and cost-efficient interior transformation without the necessity for extensive renovations.

Interior film presents a plethora of hues, patterns, and textures, offering diverse design options. This flexibility empowers individuals to tailor their interiors to personal tastes and contemporary design trends.

Unlike conventional renovation methods that may stretch over weeks, interior wrapping can be swiftly executed. The installation process is streamlined, resulting in minimal disruption to daily routines in both residential and commercial settings.

The vinyl film employed in interior wrapping often acts as a protective shield for covered surfaces. It helps shield against scratches, stains, and general wear and tear, thereby preserving the integrity and aesthetics of the underlying material.

Wrapped surfaces typically demand minimal effort for cleaning and upkeep. Vinyl boasts moisture resistance, making it suitable for areas prone to spills or humidity. Cleaning usually entails gentle solutions and is less labor-intensive compared to certain other materials.

Interior wrapping represents a non-permanent alteration, making it ideal for individuals keen on regularly updating their living or work environments. Should someone wish to alter the design or revert to the original surface, the vinyl can be removed without causing damage, provided the original surface is in good condition before wrapping.

Opting for interior wrapping instead of replacement can foster environmental friendliness. It diminishes the need to discard old materials and can contribute to sustainability endeavors.

Interior wrapping allows for creative and unique designs that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a space. Whether mimicking expensive materials or creating a bold statement, the visual impact can be striking.

Certainly, our material is completely waterproof, possesses antibacterial properties, and is resistant to mold.

Yes, your normal household cleaning products can be used.

Our Film is heat resistant up to 110 degrees. With this in mind, an example would be; a hot plate from the microwave is fine, but a frying pan which is taken directly off the stove is not advised.

Our film is stain resistant. However, just with any other material there are items that can stain the Interior Film such as turmeric and pure essential oils. Therefore, we recommend keeping these items away from the countertops and remain vigilant with others. If you spill something that you may think could stain any other surface, its best to wipe the material immediately to prevent any issues occurring.

Absolutely, we transform a minimum of 10 residential properties a day in Dubai alone, so imagine the amount of landfill that we are saving by wrapping kitchens, bathrooms and interior doors rather than replacing.